Giannis 41,20, and 6 = moments card?

What do you think? He did it in only 35 mins too. Seems like a possible moments card tomorrow…

They should drop that PD Embiid First.


I still can’t believe they didn’t. If we get both tomorrow, that would actually be a great moments drop.


I want to buy his All Star card back, but I’m scared to because of this possibility.

Read that link, I guess at his age, it’s a historic line. That calls for a moment card I think.

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Big win if they drop both along with some players who can be categorized at the diamond/amy/ruby

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I’d love a usable Christian Wood card being a Pistons fan. I’d be cool with a Amy. I’d rock it for awhile.


Would be nice considering the lack of viable bigmen options in the market.

Anyway an improvement in 3point shooting
and badges like range extender is a big improvement for giannis.

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Yes keep cranking out marginally better superstar cards while ignoring everyone else

Future of the pistons= cwood


And… Anthony Edwards, haha

We gone get that first pick. We’re due!!

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Cwood is really good. Hopefully they go into rebuilding phase.
And get rid of Blake.


I doubt it. We already have 98 Giannis. And the GO version isn’t about to come so soon.

They need to drop an amy Mitchell Robinson too. Son balling out

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Same could have been said about getting an opal T Mac. Considering his PD is still good, didn’t even think we were close to opal. Giannis could be coming sooner than we think.

Market would burn down.

I just want KG or Ben Wallace. Is it too much to ask?

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Giannis is a different case from tmac.
1st is an active player and we have upcoming reasons for his GO. Like playoff moments., mvp award, championship etc…

2nd. The way his model is build. He is far more powerful than the other players.
Even his 96 is still better than competition for the PF position.

You never say never for 2k yes. But I doubt it… There are so many pf options that 2k will want to sell so if they issue a better Giannis from 98 now who will want to brake their banks to get those upcoming power forwards?

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The pink diamond tmac, kinda took a 180 this weekend. For the first time ever, i matched up against pink diamond tmac with dr j starting at the two. I absolutely torched his ass with the new dr j.

That would have never happened prior to the update!

I mean it was possible, but highly unlikely:

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Doubt it unless hes 98 rated…

It’s a big YES for me. 2K please release a new Giannis