Gianni’s super expensive now

I think I will sell him ,
It’s my favorite player … but I think I could grab him back more cheaper , am I right ?

Best place to eat a pizza, come to Gianni’s!


He will probably hold value just because no one can really compare to him.

Extra cheese included?

Nah he wont get cheaper

Always, they even put :cheese: in the crust!! :joy:
Stuft crust extra cheesy :joy: :rofl:


There is a whole menu on the types of cheese available !


So much :cheese: they started serving wine :wine_glass:

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Sold mine for 550k lmao.

Re-Bought Klay, trying Nate Thurmond and pippen.


Mine only sold for 350k :unamused:

I had weatherman and diamond contract. some silly guy bid on it when there was like 3 hours left for 547k and no one out bid him.

I understand that people wanna talk themselves into it but this Giannis card will also drop in value. We have only december, only 6 HOF badges, no 3ball (yet), 2k will not deny VC for another moments Giannis card(s), the reward card Chris Paul is short and not that popular.

Mine has weathers and I noticed there was only 5 up last night total. I am strongly considering selling him if he gets to around 600. Doesnt really fit my scheme. But he’s so fun lol

Best u can ever taste

Im holding onto him until his price is insane. He doesnt even play that great for me unless i put him at point gaurd but i got magic.

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Extra cheesy

What’s he at now on Xbox?

The thing I like a Gianni’s is the Sauce, they got the best Sauce. :heart_eyes:

how much is he on xbox now? its hard to sell him tho one of a kind card