GG to everyone who stocked up on Jordan off the dribble 3 shoes

Tonight we eat fellas. Looks like the 12s are going to be the best shoe for him. I could see people preferring the CP3 but I think the 12s are better and the baby blues will be the most aesthetically pleasing. Got 3 of the red ones, 5 baby blues and 3 12s I believe so should be a good haul.

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i have 7 cp3s that i bought at 30k (some cheaper) and 3 other random jordans. Too easy

he already has a 94 steal, CP3s are better because most people will not be shooting moving 3s with him


whoa boy you eat steak my friend

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you think so? I don’t really know what else the cp3s boost but I’d think the Jordan 12s combo of off dribble 3, and speed with ball will be fantastic.

HOF difficult shots w/ a good fadeaway animation and 85 off dribble 3 will be solid. Jordan’s release is so good that the 82 open shot 3 will be fine imo.

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HOF MRD + HOF Difficult + 94 post fade it’s GG bro.


Peeps gunna want that 99 post fade. Hoping those red melos sky rocket. I got a bunch


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yeah cp3 is better. get that Lat quick to 99, speed with ball to a 93, Ball control with coach up to a 97-99 3pt contest up to 85.

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How much u think this shoe will go for ? I got 2 or 3 in my collection

Hard to say honestly. Id have to see what the market is looking like. Probably 50k+ is my guess

I stocked up a bunch when they dropped the diamond MJ and sold them for 40k or so, this PD will jack it up even more

yeah the cp3 is definitely better. didn’t realize it had speed with ball as well. I already sold 3 baby blues for 25k each haha got them for 5-7k


Damn I sold mine for like 12k a piece since they wont really selling

I have 17 of em. Just logged in to sell :rainbow:

I would rather putting on him White Kobes, 99 Steal , 99 Fade, 92 3pt with coach

Only Jordan’s

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Casey boosts off dribble. no coach boosts contested 3. cp3s seem to be the most valuable

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Made 120k off the orange cp3s