Getting equalized out of your 12th win has got to be one of the worst feelings ever

I can’t even describe how mad I am right now. I was 11-0 trying to get Issel. Game 12 is against a Ruby/Sapphire team and I get blown out by equalizer. I lost by over 25. The cherry on top was missing an uncontested dunk with Amy Durant, the ball just clanged off the rim.
Such horseshit and a huge waste of time.


Damn dude. Sorry to hear that.

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What’s your team look like

I’m 5-0 and was gonna try one last time tonight. Hopefully I lose early on.

I also hope there is another way to get these cards later on.

I hope there’s not. I want them to be limited to only those that went 12-0 sorry to be blunt just how I feel.

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Here is my team

it’s frustrating because its not even like Im cheesing with players out of position or trying to do the Mug trick with 1 good player and the rest trash. Im just playing normal, running plays, and you get shit on by equalizer still.

Feel you bro I’m 7-0 right now hoping I can pump out 5 clean wins tonight when I get off. Pretty doubtful though.

They could release packs at the end of the year or something. You probably won’t even be using Issell at that point.

I always wonder when is the ideal time to play Unlimited so I dont have to face pros with god squads all the time.

I’m just getting off and am gonna give it one shot from 5-0.

Good luck.

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Sometimes I’m happy to see lineups with all the collection diamonds and a PD Duncan or whatever. I think most of the time these players are mostly offline card collector types that are just trying to go 12-0 for the rewards and aren’t too amazing.

I feel your pain. Finally made it to 10-0 lost next game to same type of team😞

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I just survived an equalizer game. It was so bad…the guy was cheap too. Posting up my guards the whole game with Giannis, Lebron, Portzingis and what ever lowest possible overly tall player he had.

Contested threes going in, Gugliotta missing both free throws, Porzingis pulling down boards over my whole team. It’s really sad.

Very next game win the first quarter 24-8.