Get ready, locker code should be coming today

probably within the next hour, 2kmyteam twitter responded to big c richy about locker codes today, saying “we will see what we can do”

good stuff

2k also hinted throwback PD’s,pippin,hakeem,nique,and Dr J

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Lol they are just milking people at this point

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shit its lonzo

I’m hoping for Jordan. Hes the one card I miss most after selling off my team. I only had the diamond too. PD would be amazing

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Lmao PD Lonzo… card kind of sucks.

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the WORST result

Already have him; what next?

Where u see that?

It’s LONZO smfh

Ronnie2k’a Twitter

LESSGO was napping during the first release

Could it be a trick?

Yes lonzo i missed him before, want to try him lol

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I’ll take him on my farm


Worst PD in the game lmao

Nah it’s Lonzo. MyTeam Twitter just posted a Ball and Eye emoji

Why is Ronnie hyping it up so much?