Get Ready for Jimmy G. Buckets 🔥

Get Ready for Jimmy G. Buckets 🔥

18 mins 30 points Leggo!

One of the Favorite Cards All Year in 19



I will have to get this card, even if I don’t play the game much lol


Hahaha amy butler was phenomenal last year bro


Hell yeah need his card. Also got him my fantasy league. Big Buckets

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Jimmy GQ plays in San Francisco and he is 8-0



Hahaha lmao bro :rofl:

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Both of whom are Saviors of their land

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First half 30 points… 2nd half only 4… damn :sweat_smile:

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I jinxed it bro I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

It’s okay but you owe us a cigar filled with marijuana


Hahaha its illegal here

Luckypolice don’t live here

Luckykid madd city


Till FBI Bust your door open ahaha

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That’s home invasion, so if they step foot on my turf I have the right the bust at them

If any wrong doing you will be there to speak/represent for me right


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ahaha ofcourse bro but my lawyer license is for our country only lmao ahaha

Sapphire Butler is still the best defender I’ve used in 2K20

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My best American lawyer story as quickly as possible.

Long story short, I used to be an idiot.

I had a couple of long-standing warrants that I needed to get taken care in order to hopefully live a normal life and marry my soon to be wife.

Non-violent charges, but still some old old shit with lingering consequences that I had ducked for far too long… and my wife knew that I had a couple things out there that I needed to clear up before we got married.

Fast forward to my court date… I hired the best lawyer I could find that was personally recommended to me — it cost me almost everything I had at that time and was $6,000.

I’m inside the courthouse and my lawyer is 30 minutes late, so I’m freaking out… I’m literally going crazy wondering if I should walk out of the courthouse because he wasn’t there yet.

They call us all into the court room.

My lawyer is now 45 minutes late and shit was getting real uncomfortable. No turning back at this point… I’m sitting in the court room and can’t leave.

My lawyer walks in and melting like hot jelly, but I’ve never felt more relieved in my life.

He sits down super close to me, leans all into me and whispers in his slow, southern Georgia accent…

“It’s okay, I texted the judge on my way here while I was in traffic… you’re getting off.”

BOOM… just like that.

My name was called about three minutes later.

My lawyer walked up to the judge before the case was 30 seconds into getting started.

They spoke for about 30 more additional seconds.

Case Dismissed.

The judge gave her reasoning for dismissing the case just as my lawyer had just told me she would.

I walked out of the courthouse with a new life and never looked back.

Welcome to America… where you’re lawyer runs late in traffic and simply texts the judge.

I don’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing… but on that day, it was a most wonderful thing for me.


That lawyer probably put that 6 racks on 3 horses at the track and turned it into 12 racks

Moral of the story
Pay your lawyer


“As long as we win I’m happy… let’s play basketball the right way.”

And that Good Sir, is EXACTLY why I listed Jimmy Buckets in my Top 5 Favorite Players in the NBA on a thread a couple of weeks ago.

You saw me gushing over DeMarre Carroll just last night… and Jimmy is DeMarre Carroll with an elite skill set and the same desirable attitude to get the job done at all cost.

Mr. Buckets is the rare breed who can be his team’s leader AND his team’s glue guy at the same time… more importantly, he doesn’t mind doing both jobs!!

Just look at his personality and the way the Heat have responded to him… I have watched several full Miami games this year and those dudes are dogs, no way around.

It’s no surprise that Jimmy’s personality split Wigs and scared soft Kats in Minnesota (word play :eyes:).

Minnesota wasn’t built to handle a guy like Jimmy, nor do I think they wanted to handle him. Likewise, the Heat are a perfect fit for Buckets at almost every level.

I’m so happy for the dude right now and really pulling for him.

“Go to the locker room” — I’m dead.

But they listened to him because they respect him and know that he is there for one reason, to win.

Very little ego in Miami right now, and I love that.

And you made me laugh out loud thinking about my old money Savannah lawyer doubling up on my money at the race track while I was sweating out his untimely nature.

Whatever he did with my cash, it worked and I will be forever grateful.

That is indeed the moral of the story…

Pay your GOOD lawyer… AND stay grateful.

Thanks for the early morning laugh!!