Get pippen or george

Which one should i get ?

I would say pip. hof DS.

Both, but if just one Pip.

George, easier release, draymond can give u HOF defensive stopper

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SG - George SF - Pip


Man now this one is tough. Whats ur squad?

Magic butler / larry johnson pd kaj

get the new PG13

Sell PD kaj, and butler and get pg13 pippen and marc gasol lol

But for real what a tough decision. Ill say pippen here but neither is wrong and both are top 10-12 cards rn

But seriously a lineup of

Magic pg13 pippen larry marc would be really good

Na will never sell kaj.

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I’d go George, I have both, even have white Kobe AD mids on pippen to boost his open shot 3 to a 99(with dantoni as coach as well) for some reason, pippen isn’t getting it done for me on offense. but defensively, there’s no wing player he can’t guard

I’d say Pippen. His shot is not as smooth and PG but his defense and dunk animations are insane. Pippen drops bombs dont get me wrong his shot is just an tad longer. as @Shoko said if you can manage to get both youd be sitting pretty. I was running pg at the 2 until i got lucky and got Giannis in the code drop. i put pippen back at the 2 and moved George to the 2 off the bench.

I still use ruby pippen, with coach pop he has all diamond ratings except for steal

After 3years of using Klay as my SG I sold his striky ass to make a place for Pip and George in starting five - both cards rocks.