Get hero MJ or/and Zion if you can

People speak about “end game” cards and these are the ones. Buying gassed Giannis with few weeks left of gameplay and saving MT for it won’t do anything.

These 2 cards are head and shoulders above other auctionable cards at their positions. They won’t depriciate in price anytime soon either (with high possibility that if you buy hero version that it will go up once coaches can be acquired)


Even the pantheon ones are amazing, I’ve been running zion for some time now and don’t realise the difference in hof range since I won’t shoot logo 3s with anyone anyways.

This post is on point, 93+ every single stat is incredible, better versions of these cards can only have more hof badges but that’s it

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Jordan’s layup pkg is unforgivable, he will cost you the game if you’re up against an admirable foe.

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What position are you playing Zion?

Get a Mercedes Benz S 65 AMG if you can


Luka and PG >

Luka and MJ not even same position, and PG over Zion? We must have different opinion on that, PG is great on his own tho.

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PF mate

Does he not struggle against people playing mobile centers at pf? Opal Hakeem in particular always kills me when I play undersized players at pf.

I start Hakeem at PF and can confirm he beasts smaller players at that position. Haven’t run up against a Zion at PF yet, but the Paul George types get swallowed up.

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Never had any problems since Zion crazy strenght and reach gives him ability to jump so high for contests/blocks.

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That Zion is different. Jordan is good don’t get me wrong but the layups are stupid.

So the best version is the hero zion vs the other version. I was going to pick up the non hero zion because he a little cheaper. But what’s the best move?

Hero because he locks for pop, altho pop might not be as highly desired so if you out there to keep him I think picking up pants one will do just as well and will save you some MT. On Xbox he goes as low as 450k while hero one 600k+

Yea ps4 hero go for 750k and 600k for other version. Dark matter just up in price period!! I got d rose for 250k the other day and now he going for 300k

I agree they are great but debatably bad value. Depends on your Mt Situation. They will certainly be good for a pretty good while. If you aren’t in a rush You will definitely come out better MT wise to wait for there to be more DM cards on the market. In a few weeks newer “end game” cards won’t be quite so much MT.

If you got the MT and want to splash for sure go for it.

It honestly depends on what attributes each coach gives, if Pop is a flop and provides +10 Def Con etc then it wont be worth the lock in which will completely alter Zion’s value

If that is the case, then the Pantheon version will also drop as the Hero version both align in prices somewhat

You’re overestimating this. Zion at least on Xbox is 550k and that’s a hero version. He is near max stated Zion, the most he would drop is 50k and that’s most likely a reach. He would probably go up in price one way or another just because he won’t be in packs anymore and is a hype beast.

KD who is non set player is close to Zions value and he is not an DM, just because his now very rare (and good)

These 2 cards will definitely only lose value as the game goes on. Maybe they’ll hold their price for some time but soon there will be similar level cards flying out for other players as well. And then you’re gonna want better animations/sigs/size etc and these 2 will drop probably more than half of their current prices. These coaches are a fun gimmick but I doubt they will be useful for people with great cards anyway.

2K21 there’s no such thing as better sigs. Everyone is just being given pro 2 and quick dribble style.

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