Get excited for the Nuggets tb elite players

Here’s my theory: They will drop 2 of these 6 players: David Thompson, Fat Lever, Kiki Vandeweghe, Alex English, Allen Iverson, or Dikembe Mutombo. All of them except for Kiki will be some of the best cards in the game. Alex and Thompson would definitely be the best 2, AI right behind them, Fat and Dikembe would be beasts but not very used, and Kiki would probably be a better Wally Szczerbiak. English and Thompson were SUPER nice last year, so if one of those 2 drop pick them up for sure. I’m personally looking forward to next thursday.

If theres an iverson, i may consider him over getting pd stockton and running him and jerry west. I would say iverson is a guarantee. English was great last year too

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Give. Me. English. Now.

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He will be the best diamond/amy in the game when he comes out

It would be hilarious if they released a diamond Nuggets J.R. Smith :joy::joy:

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OMG yes

Mutumbo is possible also. Pretty sure he was a ruby last year for Nuggets.

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Shit, you’re right, I forgot about him.

Last years historic Nuggets.

Wouldn’t be shocked if it was Chauncey and Mutumbo.

I don’t think it’s gonna be Chauncey

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Chauncey, Kenyon Martin. Antonio Mcdyess. There’s quite a few options for them

Yeah they got lots of nice players. Smart of 2K to release 2 pelicans, then a week later 2 nuggets.

It can’t be Martin imo, he was way better for the Nets, and I guess it could be Mycdyss, but he would be so bad

Give me a Linas Kleiza

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Him and Kevin Love look so similar

Dhantay Jones the Kobe stopper. Anthony Carter the throw the inbounds pass straight to Trevor Ariza and ruin our trip to the finals

Carlos Delfino and Terrence Jones=duo of the century

Lol I was so fucking wrong