Get 2k for Christmas?

Hey hope everyone’s having a great MT year and happy holidays!

Just checking in to see how the games going this year and if I should cop for Christmas

I saw the content and that’s definely an improvement this year but is the gameplay still booty cheeks like last year? Just want to know how the seasons going and if the game has actually improved and would be worth getting, otherwise I’m just waiting for next years.

ie for those who didn’t get the full 2k18 experience- the 5out cheese, the Giannis/lebron at point, the Scottie pippen or a sf at centre, the clipping and players glitching through each other, poor animation meshing, bump steals, and last but certainly not least - the persistent pushing of micro transactions during promos.

Let me know opinions of the game

buy bo4 or rdr2 instead

Games heading more towards 2k18 gameplay every month

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I’d buy if it’s on sale. But as simon says (lol) get rdr2 first or something else


All of the same things are in 2k19. Offline play is better.

No. Do not get 2k. Game is just as bad as last year if not worse. Probably more boring i might add. Theres literally nothing to do in myteam once you go 12-0. Except wait a month to do it all over again.

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I’ve heard the offline a lot better atleast in terms of an upgrade from last years schedule mode. What do they have for the main content this year tho? Isn’t it like a rotating schedule mode or something

Despite its flaws and the fact it makes my head want to explode sometimes, the gameplay is much improved and the game has a lot to offer. TTO is a nice alternative to online unlimited h2h and even if you play that right, you win based on skill (most of the time). Collectors goals have helped to maintain card value and you don’t have to spend really at all to have some of the best cards


Schedule mode is less games with a better reward system.
Schedule mode is 15 games each with Mt Awards, freeagents and 3 Tokens per set.
Weekly Challenges are permanent now with token and Mt rewards as well.
Domination has 3 different difficulties now.
Normal, fantasy and alltime with pretty good rewards as well.
New mode called triple threat which is a 3 vs 3 game to 21. Can be played online and offline. Offline for tokens. Online for packs, tokens, badges, shoes, etc.


Okay that’s actually kinda sick, especially cause if I were to purchase it I could catch up on challenges rewards unlike last years.

How do those tokens work tho? It sounds like they’ve really really upped the content and offline stuff, just not sure where that fits in tho

That’s sick they changed back to collectors instead of goals, I don’t think anyone actually got the pd Steve Nash, let alone the pd Shaq lol

Toe Knee!

Actually one question I forgot to include in the original message and this is probably my biggest breaker; do they still have it set up like last year where the max mt you can earn from a game is capped at 1200mt? Or are you actually able to earn 1500,1600 when you crush all time dom games?


Tokens allow you to buy various players from the token market which is available in the menu at all times.

Token Market players are priced by tier -

Emerald - 3 tokens
Sapphire - 8 tokens
Ruby - 15 tokens
Amethyst - 30 tokens
Diamond - 75 tokens
Pink Diamond - 150 tokens
Galaxy Opal - 750 tokens

You can use your tokens you earned from schedule challenges, domination and Triple threat to buy player such as sapphire manute Bol, Amethyst Marbury, Diamond Carmelo Anthony, pink Diamond Grant Hill, Galaxy Opal Wilt Chamberlin. You can also use tokens to open token Moments/throwback packs.

Tony on Christmas when clicking on My Team for the first time…giphy%20(13)
Tony 1 month later after he sees the chaos that is 2k19


Lmao :laughing:@Bigtony911 should actually enjoy the game if he’s mainly playing offline. Majority of the glitches and problems with the game occur online. Online play is is awful this year.


This year’s servers have been really really bad

Just a heads up

Man I still can’t play a game without lag. I’ve tried everything. I’m about to just buy a new $400 modem and see if it helps.

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My internet is better but I still get lag

Decided not to spend anymore just for this game lol

You hardwired in? We get 200-300 MB/s & I still lag on Wi-Fi. I have to stay hardwired