Gento has lost it

I know some of yall have seen it :eyes:

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Used to follow him in 2k13

What’s goin on he was a good guy

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Yeah, he off his meds :joy:

what happened


Apparently hes tweaking on twitter again, just talking hella shit to ppl lol. He must be off the gas or sumn

enlighten us

Check out KING KOBRA (@YMDgento):

Either he’s going through something mental ( if he is I hope he gets the help he needs) but if that ain’t the case these must be his true colors.

Hes trash anyways


He need to hit the gym and drink water . Coming off very immature off the rip

What exactly started this? I dont have time to scroll thru 4000 tweets of him spewing incoherent nonsense and talking about himself and how great he is.

I’m not sure, but I heard somewhere that his account got hacked. PS4

Ahh. Makes sense, I stopped watching him a long while ago though, I used to love his older videos but I just stopped watching…

Mans definitely had a few bad acid trips and it changed him :joy:

this dude finna kill himself

hes fuccin tweakin cuh i seen this happen

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Or kill someone else dude is really out of his mind. Ain’t seen him tweet in a day

We’ve had some threads on this and ultimately it doesn’t make sense to discuss what we don’t know to be someone being an asshole or someone having a clinical episode.