Generation Next packs live for 24 hours! Anni 3 Super packs next?

Well this was a pleasant suprise too bad I locked Simmons day 1.

When these expire think we get Cover Series 3 supers?

Anybody ripping these??

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Where are they? Pack market or token market?

Pack market.

23 hours, 30 minutes left

Getting Simmons now . Thanks … a break from Giannis for me

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So they released old packs with probably the same shitty odds at the same price? And we should happy about that because!?


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I’m really hoping for Anni 3 Super packs soon… I need PG & Kyrie’s price to tank. Gotta get me that GO Shaq (& 3k tokens after that).

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Odds seem so shit there’s hardly any Trae Youngs up

I want to see my boy get PG when those packs drop, but I don’t want to see the odds raised, honestly. I don’t want everyone to be able to afford what we spent an exorbitant amount of time and/or money into just to see it become obsolete like last year. Last year was the hardest f***ing I have ever received as a consumer.

Watch them make the 3k tokens so easily attainable by August. Limited cards everywhere. I feel for the budget ballers, but that shit isn’t fair. When a limited edition shoe drops, it sells out and prices soar on the third party market. The manufacture doesn’t turn around and give the god damn shoe away. Considering how they monetize these cards, it’s pretty downright scummy that they practice making everyone’s investment worthless.

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Material goods are a bad comparison but I see your point. It would be like Adobe releasing some state of the art photo suite for $1200 to gouge the corporate and high end photography clientele only to release it for like $50 six months later.

So that extra KG I invested all my remaining MT into will be worth less tomorrow than I paid today?

Sounds about right.

How’s the pack odds on these?

Packs could be empty nothin when you push triangle

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Any new Simmons owners??