Gasol evo

Anyone know Gasols evo requirements and badge upgrades?

1600 pts
600 boards
40 blocks
50 3s
60 games played


badge upgrades at PD are HOF post spin, moving truck, rebound chaser, tireless defender, and worm. also gets gold clamps the only good attribute upgrades at PD are to his speed and speed w ball. i’ve played a couple TTOs and MTUs with him and he’s been solid. nice center to back up D Rob and once he gets to PD he should be even better

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how is his shot? If I remember correctly, last year it was pretty slow but hit everything

It is pretty slow again for sure. But they still manage to go in.

His shot is i think a bit slower then evo Dirk shot. But managable. He is vacuum when it comes to rebounds.

Amazing someone already grinded him to PD on Xbox & put him on auction. Thats umm, a bit much for me to do, but congrats to whoever did it.


I just saw that lol I checked auction house curiously but not expecting anything to pop up

This card is honestly a beast. Might evo him up and sell Hakeem since they are very similar stat and badge wise.

You think Gasol is better than evo’d Ayton?

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Does PD Gasol replace Hakeem as best center (minus Drob)?

His shot is disgustingly slow and Hakeem is bigger bodied and has way more HOF badges. So Hakeem for me is better

Gasol does have a slow shot but a high rating. Not sure how much better he is than Ayton on offense, but his evo does get gold clamps like Hakeem.

I usually love Marc cards, had him coming off the bench for the spotlights. He’s a beast defensively and on the boards, but his shot is slow as are his feet. Sold back after Roy, may pick up on the low for the bench in a week or so. Interested to see how his PD plays with the added speed and clamps, but evoing isn’t really worth it usually. We’ll get another similar big soon, by ASG I imagine.

I’m evoing him to sell

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200k Vs 20

Man, who tf paying 380k mt for this guy wow. Gotta finish this evo lol

I’m comparing him to the PD one who’s at least 200k or more

Gasol seems super slow running STS. Does the extra 10 speed/acc at PD really make a difference?

Jesus, he was so goddamn slow. grinding the points is bad enough without having to wait half the shot clock for him to crawl up the court. He definitely felt noticeably faster after evo, but can’t really say how much better he is because I auctioned him immediately :sweat_smile: