Gasol ending price

Hes at 60k on xbox you think he will go up eventually ? Price is rather low

I would snag him


I snagged ONE in hopes of profit in the future. 59k for a diamond c seems low. Before crash u couldnt get jokic for under 80. I pulled one as well

I grabbed him for 59 and just went 4/5 from the 3 in TTO not bad!!

i think most are panic selling for giannis

I cant justify investing more. But im almost SURE he will rebound. Card looks to good not too

thoughts on his card?

Picked him up for 55k. 96 fadeaway though…

Sharpshooting/Post Scoring Takeover at 7’1"

Get him while he is cheap!


Gasol is always my end Game Center…can shoot and play defense what more do you want?

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See like certain stats like this make me sure he will be at least 70 k in the future.

He already at 67 on ps4

He has a huge player model, strong and great D (maybe to low shot contest)

Killer realise in pick and pops + they give him a crazy 3.

Playmaking and shot contest are disappointing but for a “low Diamond” this card is worth to buy.

Got him for 50k

Hold that he will rise

Was gonna pick up Duncan as my first PD but I think I’m gonna go with Hill. There’s just too many good PF and Centers rn lol

His release is the same?
How is the post moves?

you think he will sell for >100k once the market settles down?

Not sure because people compare him to diamond jokic but marc has better lateral quickness by a lot