Gary Payton Xbox one bin

Posted mine for 100k with weathermans and badges someone go eat


I think he falls further , if someone bit then your one lucky son of a gun

Isn’t it embarrassing how the greatest on-ball defender of all time is just a massive liability in MyTeam now because of him being 6’4? PG’s have 0 to no value now unless it’s magic.

Yes it’s crazy … it will only get worse from here on out in future iterations . This is where I say goodbye.

my 6’4 Richie Guerin would like a word

i disagree, big o and penny are still somewhat usable

Must havent seen big o lock up 1-4 lol

He’s not a liability trust me, I just wanted dirk lol

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GP is amazing and can defend from Magic to Giannis, the only players that give him fits are the likes of KD or Granger at 1, the ones who can shoot over him with insanely quick release.


I’m gonna grab one and try him for the first time :innocent:

He’s still one of the best card in the game.
Top 3 PG.
Guys that are good with Durant and Granger at 1 can shoot in the face of all players, so Gary is not a diffrent here.
Buy he’s defensive stats and badges +HoF Dimer are still unique.


For the record someone did buy him, he’s the best smaller pg in the game