Gary Payton... WOW

I wasn’t sure about the hype surrounding him so I gave him a try and my lord he’s incredible




Every time I faced him I tried to avoid him but he’s legit everywhere :frowning: , I’m gonna pick him up tonight

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He really flies around the court. Consistent jumper as well. I got him with unlimited contract and shoe for about 260k and he’s making it worth it so far

Selling arenas and will pick him up again. I got and sold for a profit . Now it’s time to get him back

When Payton is on the floor I offball him when guarding a big PG and its pure jokes as they struggle

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What’s the best shoe for him?

I gave him a diamond blue adidas that boosts his dunk draw foul pass vision. It gives him play/ lock. Blue KDs give him sharp/ lock and boost his draw foul as well. Boosting draw foul is the most important thing.

Did you put the Blue KDs on him first and then switced to Blue Adidas?

I tried getting sharp/lock on mine with a gold +5 contested 3 shoe with Casey and D’Antoni and got Shot Creator/Lock and Playmaking/Lock.

I got white Kobe ADs on mine and still get the same takeovers with Casey and D’Antoni.

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No i believe someone else on here told me about the blue KDs giving sharp. I have a pair in my collection tho

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And when I was singing his praises boys was batting an eye. Now y’all see the light

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I want GP but I have Kidd and Opal CP3 so seems redundant. Kidd and GP are basically the same card.

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You’ve got Casey I’m assuming?

Jason Kidd looks unreal with those rebounding stats

I had put jordan 12 on him per others recommendations

Lol, I don’t get it. He was awful for me. Just not dynamic enough. Slow shot. Tiny.

Maybe because I on-ball at all times. I could see how he might be great for an off-baller. Magic was bullying right past him.

300k is simply WAY too much for this card, in my opinion. Maybe I’ll try him again if the price ever takes a nosedive.


He’s under 250 on ps4. I wasn’t a super big fan either. I think I might sell him actually I’m talking like he’s gone already. Lol. I feel like Magic is better.

Magic is WAY better. These boys are drinkin’ that new card juice. Shit, Oscar plays way better, at least for me.

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Kidd is amazing for me pre patch, he be a killer now. Just that damn 3 shot is hard to green. Surprisingly preferred him over cp3

I put black LeBrons on him (at least for now, may go South Beaches). Sharp seems like kind of a waste on him tbh, I want lockdown and either post or playmaker.