Gary Payton worth his price?

Really wanna buy him, sick of everyone having magic

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Im gonna keep beating this drum. Hes really really good. Idk what his price is now but i love him


I’ve seen you post about him a lot :joy::joy: knew you would reply lmao. I haven’t seen anyone else say much about him though

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Yes he’s great. I payed 300k and don’t regret it

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Hes worth every penny. but only paid 12k mt for him lol. I would buy him however after using him

In the qualifier i believe i hit 9/10 threes with him. 8 of them were green. He forces mutiple steals per game whether you user him or not

I want him but going to be patient. He will be less than 200K when a Kobe/Tmac drops

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He’s worth it. My favorite card

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I’ll have to cop him tonight then and sell magic

This is one of the reasons (beside rarity) that he is more expensive than he should be :slight_smile:

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300k worth

Had him for four games and hated him. His timed on ball steals were always aggressive fouls, really struggle to shoot for me (despite his ratings) and had terrible dribble moves. (Specifically begins the back). This card is waaaay overpriced at 300k IMO


Copped at 262k last night and he played very well for me in his one game of MTU. 4/5 from three including a big fading one to tie it with less than a minute to go. Got me a few steals but locked up whoever he was on.

I hate u

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Yeah his dribble moves the worst, lol I would never use him as a ball handler so that make his hof dimer useless, Sad because I like hof pick pocket but not worth it since steals not the same as using a lockdown in the park.

I actually disagree. I think his dribble moves are solid and his behind the back Creates momentum.

maybe your not using him right. I was crossing dudes up making them fall over. I haven’t used a guy with dribble moves like him yet. Magic was one of the guys who fell.

Hmm maybe I need to try him again, I just like my players to have cheesy behind back moves like Paul George,klay, Magic and hedo lol