Gamepass myteam and mycareer perks. Free vc and mt

Go to the store, click on 2k20 scroll down it should show add-on where the vc is. I got 30k vc free. And free mt packs.

There’s a thread in this already, thanks though. Is game pass itself free right now or do you have to pay for that? I only play 2k or Madden so I’ve never been interested.

You can do a trial. I didnt see the thread. Maybe im a day late and a dollar short lol. Anyways, you should be able to dona trial to claim the perks.

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Appreciate it my man.

No problem. It says gamepass ultimate. But, when I redeemed it says specifically “game pass”.

This is x box only right?

Gamepass is on pc too. But yes specific to xbox gamepass accounts

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I got the VC, but where are these packs you speak of?

It said somethjng about mt and packs I didn’t get the pack either.

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Xbox/PC only?

Yeah. Not steam, but game pass o PC