Gameday thread January 14th 2021

Heat vs 76ers 7pm
Hornets vs Raptors 7:30pm
Rockets vs Spurs 7:30pm
Warriors vs Nuggets 10pm
Pacers vs Trail Blazers 10pm

No games interest me, I’m just gonna play 2k and watch some game shows.

Warriors so late for me :disappointed:

Den/GS sounds like a fun game

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How is Denver -5. Am I missing something? Is someone of note sitting out for GS?

Will the Rockets and Pacers have their new look squad?

i’m experiencing withdraw from the best team in the nba rn, we aren’t gonna play all week

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Boucher is so long

Rockets 1-0 post Harden

Bol Bol starting again :face_with_monocle:

Bruh Wood called Shaq a casual LOL

Wood set the record for most times saying “mamba mentality” in 1 interview. Think it was 9

Wiseman is going to get destroyed by Jokic until Looney comes in, and Draymond can’t really guard him either

I never like to see warriors on the break , they have all this athleticism with Oubre and Wiggins but they never get this easy buckets
Jokic will eat all game

Bol Bol is so fun to watch on the court

Yeah both of them really can’t finish or make good decisions on the break

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Christian Wood might be one of the most underrated players in the nba right now.

Look how easy Bol flies down the court

Love it

We call that cherry picking you know Dray stuck playing d


Nah dude is zoomin ez break

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I like this blue and yellow jersey contrast