Gameday Thread January 13th 2021

Mavericks vs Hornets 7pm
Bucks vs Pistons 7pm
Nets vs Knicks 7:30pm
Lakers vs Thunder 8pm
Grizzlies vs Timberwolves 8pm
Pelicans vs Clippers 10pm
Trail Blazers vs Kings 10pm

All times EST. I think the Thunder could win today.

I need Ingram or Zion to go off. Luka too. I got my stock ready for a 40 pt game

I would buckle down on AE or KAT but idk

9 players for Brooklyn tonight. And KD’s first time playing second game of a back to back

KD averages 31.7 PPG at MSG, second all-time to Jordan


What is happpening with the game ?

Reggie Perry is the 4th star!

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Thunder playing terrible rn, but it is the Lakers so

Finally getting boards

Ok I they kinda came back, defense definitely stiffened up

Nets moving

It’s the Knicks so I’m taking this with a heavy grain of salt but the Nets look awesome tonight

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This is Poku’s game rn

Bucks finding there grove, think they will be the 1 seed in the east

Randle will be beast

Diallo just hit a 3/4 of the court shot and didn’t react at all

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holy dead thread lol

wizards canceled for the week :pensive:


Nickiel Alexander

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This man bout to take over Lonzo’s spot with the way he’s playing rn.

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Lmao I didn’t even know the Lakers played last night.

Too turned up

Another W in the Win column though baby blessings up Laker faithful :pray:t6: