Gameday thread: January 10th 2021

All times EST, go Thunder!

lotta good games tonight IMO

no wiz tho

Lakers - Rockets, if you know you know. @RodSquad @Kobe6Rings if Rockets lose I’m hiddin :rofl:


Bro this NFL on Nickelodeon is hilarious


Heat/Celtics postponed

Oof, 2 games in the first month of the season, not looking good for the league. Maybe they can get the vaccine to the players soon

Bro, did you do the hour of only saying Dort?

Yes. It was… different

This Clippers v Bulls third quarter has been crazy

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Anyone else notice the Raptors are 2-6?


replace it with a beach or something, they are in tampa bay

People figured how to guard Siakam. Instead of using their power forwards and centers, they use mobile wings, and Siakam hasnt figured them out yet. For example that boston series, i think they put Jaylen brown on him

Every 3 is going in the hoop atm

Ngl some of the stuff is cool (unique 1st down yard marker and more), but most of the concept is CRINGE.

I just want to see football lol

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Can’t wait to see KD and LeVert cook this Dort fella

Had no idea Horford and George Hill are on OKC, sucks they gotta spend this late career time on a rebuilder

What an airball


Feel like I’m watching 2K rn

LeVert calls PnR with Allen and it’s a bucket or foul every time. Thunder just keep charging at the rim and making it

Has anyone done a curry slide yet

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Man this Kawhi play , I’m happy for him to be fine