Gameday thread 1/9

Nuggets v 76ers. 3pm

Hawks v Hornets. 7pm

Suns v Pacers. 7pm

Heat v Wizards. 7pm

Cavs v Bucks. 8pm

Spurs v Wolves. 8pm

Magic v Mavericks. 830pm

Blazers v Kings. 10pm

All times ET

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Matinee of Joker v Joel coming up in a couple hours

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Tyrese Maxey gonna go ham.

Sixers have 7 active players today


Shit reminds me of the nuggets vs the Jazz in Utah last year. Nuggets had 7 active players and Jokic put up that 30/20/10 game in a win. Shit was wild

What’s up with Ben and Joel?

Weird night when Hawks vs Hornets looks the most appealing.

No idea. Haven’t heard what the injuries are yet

I don’t think “Embiid scared of the Goatic” fits on the injury report

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I was just about to write I was going to watch this game, but definitely not watching Nuggets vs. the 76ers without Ben and Embid. That’s an easy W.

Nuggets “hold my beer”


We better start winning our damn games…

You’re not on board with the tank??

No Embiid and Simmons?

Also saw Tobias, Milton, Thybulle out with COVID protocol.

So… Rough game for the 76ers?

Bro I jumped on the MVP train straight after the first 3 games :slightly_frowning_face:

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Embiid sat next to Curry when Curry recieved the positive COVID test DURING THE GAME.

Curry wasn’t even in uniform why was he even there zZzz.

I know this because Embiids on my fantasy squad…

His game should be delayed

Idk why they are playing

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This is ridiculous , i will not even see more

These commentators have said Gary Davis and Will Barson already when talking about the nuggets players lmao


What a great box score


This don’t make any sense