Gameday raps vs clippers thread. Benchmob at the game :)

Anyone gunna tune into this afternoon game ? Going to the game with my girl. Smashing our pregame meals. Gunna light up a dooby and enjoy a raps win hopefully !



Yeah, here with my girl too. hopefully we get the W. The Bucks slapped us last game pretty hard… Bench mob needs to come through for this one

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Nice !!! Where are ur seats ? Bucks game was tough. Nice to see siakam go off tho

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Lower bowl, scorers table side. And yeah… We’re neck in neck with them atm for seeding. I just want the Klaw to stay with us… We all love him here. And Green is becoming a fan favourite. Siakam is a bonifed all star… Came in 8th for votes in the East… Almost made it his soft more year. Fingers crossed we’re going to the finals

Hoping for a deep run. Raps fan base deserves it kawhi staying would be icing on the cake

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