Game won't update, error messages

Is anybody else having trouble logging in because the game update won’t trigger? It’s not updating either in- or out-of-game. There’s no update showing when I go to manage the game files, and when I load up the game it just sits there with no update being done.

I was hoping it wasn’t just me lol

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Fucking ridiculous.

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Damn guess i wont be turning the game off

same here error 4b538e50 wtf

I’m trying to just leave it in the main menu for a while in case it’s somehow downloading in the background.

mine DL the update 1.9gig and now it wont let me log on 2k lol

Did it download in-game or outside?

It’s an Xbox live issue i think.

when I started 2k19 it said game needs update so it didnt really load the game in.

yea i cant even log on xbox now

Possible fix: Left it sitting in the main game menu for like 15 minutes, when I came back I could login.

I just finished up a dom game so it’s not happening to everyone

Mine wouldn’t update so I hit cancel update and then it Deleteted 2k off of my Xbox Completely so now I’m installing the entire game again. 2k is ass. This makes me wanna sell my MT

Shit that sucks

It’s the worse. All I wanted to do was update so I can get into Myteam and now I have to download a 56 GB File. 2k will never change I guess.


Same here. It’s some network issue smh