Game Thread Wednesday Dec. 4

Game Thread Wednesday Dec. 4

Kelly Orbue is inconsistent I tell you 30 to 10 to 25 to 10

Fuck Wiggins man

Need jimmy to ball out

Aaron Gordon so far has 32 pts, 5-5 from 3 and 87% from the field

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Time to sell blake

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Kenyon Martin level at best

Guys Anthony Davis and LBJ are on the same team.

Holy crap they look so cheese together sometimes.

Jazz hitting shots but Lakers are relentless.



Looks like 2K Giannis

CP3 look like back as NOLA king passing

Bucks finally hit that 2500 collector level :joy:


Hahahaha Cheese mode 5-out iso ON :rofl:

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Caruso gets basically back to back charge calls gotta love this guy.

He’s not just a meme he’s amazing on defense.


The GOAT Himself!

Is that Lebron or Kyle Korver I see shooting the ball?

Lakers outclassing Jazz right now without even trying that hard.

Bye Bye Gobert. Play defense and stop fouling everyone and you might make an Allstar game.

Refs aren’t even trying anymore.

The fuck is that bald guy looking at? (not Lebron, the bald ref)

About as blatant as it could possibly get lmao.

gotta love miami’s scheduling 4 out of our 6 losses are on the second night of back to backs

at least we might get a moments jimmy
(37 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast, 12/18 FG, 6/10 3PT)