Game Sharing NBA 2K

Has any1 ever game shared 2k? I was trying see if I do it will me and my friend both get 100 k Vc a piece or is it only 100k for 1 person. I’m on Xbox

Nope doesn’t work as of now.

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I’ve been gamesharing 2k with my bro for the last couple years. Only the main profile that buys the game will get the extra stuff.

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Yeah only one gets the extra stuff. I’ve got it set up with a mates ps4, but we just pay for our own games and the other person gets it for free. Mostly it’s because we share a PSVR set up so we both chip in games but he does get 2k for free out of me, haha.

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You guys will only get the game not the added bonuses (vc) who ever bought the game will receive the bonuses. Only thing that is sharper are games and Xbox gold

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I think you can share season passes too

Thanks Everyone!!!

Indeed you can

Unless the preorder bonus is actually downloadable it may transfer but we may have to wait to see

Nah it doesn’t work that way sadly. If you buy the more expensive version its just the cheaper one but who buys it gets the added bonuses for buying.