Game quicker and less laggy tonight?

I just played three games, and it was the best connection I’ve ever had in any 2k game. Felt like offline play. Did they tweak something with the newest update? Maybe it was just an abnormally good night for my internet, but holy shit do I feel bad for the dudes I played. It was a bloodbath.

Anyone else notice a difference?

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I noticed it too. Usually I always get a couple connection interrupted’s whenever I play my friend but today it was perfectly smooth.

Weird. I usually get an awful input lag, but tonight my guys were flying around the court. I hate to get my hopes up that this will continue, after all it’s 2k we’re talking about and probably just blind luck, but if this is the kind of connection that dudes be getting on the regular, consider me officially jealous.

For the most part I usually can play a smooth game. The times I get real bad lag is usually when new packs are out or there is some tournament/Neighborhood event. I have a fairly good internet connection though.

I live in rural Wyoming, and pay extra for a supposed 400 mbps connection, but it’s clearly a scam. It tests that well, but the results are WAY different.

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Playing some tto. I think the performance is rly good today

Same for me last night, clean game no lag

Maybe majority are grinding TT offline hard as fvck. Lesser load on the servers

Nah my connections too money i havent even lagged or been kicked out a match this yr… last yr my shit was every other match id lag out error code