Game on the line.... your go-to move?

Tie ball game… they been putting clamps on you, as well as hitting the craziest shots. You have to get a bucket here to keep hope alive…

What’s your move? Personally, I’d say the shimmy fade from mid range with Kobe. He very rarely lets me down, and I have his timing down pat. Pick and fade can be played well… the roll (or lob) can be stopped also… and of course you could pull up from behind the screen with a Roy or Arenas, but I just know in my heart, that if I cannot afford to miss, i’m hitting that shimmy fade with Kobe.

I’m curious to hear others’ go-to moves, and who they use them with. I’m always looking to add new things to my repitoire, as i’m honestly still learning many facets of this game. Last night I spent like 25 minutes in freestyle just working on Harden’s cross to hesi-escape, side step jumper… it’s crazy how much I still have to work on lol.

But what’s your go-to move when it’s clutch time?

Im 7 for 13 on Kobe fade game winners


Punch Fists 91 Sts on Porzingis
Wide Open 3 Top of the Key
Won me a Game Last Night :innocent:

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That’s not bad I guess… lol.

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Post fade with big Z. Or run a pick and pop.

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Ima try this tonight

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Pause the game and send them a message saying im 11-0 and can you please, please, please quit.


Hahaha Try it bro It’s great if you master it the opponent will not see it coming :innocent:

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  1. Magic hook from middle of the paint.
  2. Tim Duncan post fade from right side elbow.
  3. Wilt…drop step. Will either dunk on opponent or get fouled & hit both free throws

Hesitation stepback with hedo/AK47

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Look at tv, throw controller through tv… sigh in happiness that I don’t have to play


That’s a real game breaker right there :grin::grin:

Kuzma post fade


That’s been my go to play for Worthy too.

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ISO LT dribble, easy points with Harden


Great one man!! Beautiful Play Hard to Read :innocent:

Ben Simmons post spin into a hop step then pump, defender jumps every time, then the wide open standing dunk


Iso 1 angle, Kobe, depends on the matchup some dribble combo then speed boost baaang.

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Wrong… Tap the ball out to Rondo and let him seal the Game with 1.2 seconds left.


Tim Duncan post fade