Game night 6/12/2018

Who else thought that the Celtics would have a revenge game against the awful Knicks?

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Good thing Rockets are only paying injury prone CP3 40 Million per year for the next 4 years. Getting rid of Ariza and Luc was smart asf.

What a shit show from Rox tonight.
One of the ugliest games this season.

8/36 from 3’s
23 TO
13 assist
Melo/Knight/Chriss- 0 minutes.

23 turnovers to 13 assists had to be a record right?

Yes Won All Bets Today :slight_smile: Thank you home teams!

Rockets situation just show’s howmuch defence is important (Ariza, Moute)

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100% Agreed!

Deffo most TO this season, not sure about TO -AST historical ratio.

Dude, they did not get rid of Ariza, he got paid 15 fukin mill and he role player and rox already in luxury tax.

They need wings.
Should calling Nets and ask for Carroll.

What pissed me off, I have Gobert in Fantasy and yesterday dropped Favors to the waivers😨

Do you think it was impossible to keep Ariza and Luc? i’m sure there was a way, Rockets management just failed

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I believed in Melo,Ennis, Chriss assignments.
It looks like a disaster now, but it might be something more than Ariza/Moute.

I know that they were important in their system, but you know…they were top2 team last season…