Game night 6/12/2018


Capela Vs Rudy looks like a nice match-up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jazz won tonight.

Rockets so trash :frowning: no bench, and cp3 aint doing his thing.

Unfortunately, I think father time is catching up with CP3.

Or he aint caring once he cashes out on that big fat contract.

I’ve believed hat Ariza,Moute lost will not do as much damage, and that Melo will be useful in a bench role.

I miss that badly.

Bzdelik is back, Harden looks far better lately and they keeps disappointing.

Harden and Capela ballin, but Cp3 and Gordon (for most part) been bad, given they have not a whole lot of bench, thats that, they sub in bench and they get wrecked bad.

I think he just hit the point. I said this in the preseason… The loss of Ariza and Mbah a Moute hurts the Rockets a ton, which is more evident than the supbar season from CP3/Gordon, in my opinion.

I don’t think CP3 would just not care after he cashes out, but that’s my own thought.

His numbers are down a lot, team is now more fragile so he needs to do more, not less.

Paul looked like a one year shoot.
And maybe last year was their peak.

Shame he wasn’t healthy at the end, but I forgot when he was healthy in Playoffs yet.

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He is always hurt at worst time, its sad Wolves fucked us over and did not take 4 1st. Morey gonna have to get real creative as he dont have much to trade around.

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I completely agree he hasn’t lived up to what he signed for, or even what was seen last year.

I personally think he’s on the decline, which is why I was surprised he got signed to that deal. Not everyone is LeBron when it comes to age.

Tyson Chandler would have helped a lot tho, Nene only a corpse :frowning:

He’s ours. You can’t have Chandler!

In case anyone is wondering, Chandler had bumped his Interior Defense from a B-ish grade last year to an A- this year. :slight_smile:

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Lol he did not even have us on the list, it was Warriors or Lakers, not a whole lot of buy outs around, so its bad. Maybe they trade for Ariza lol as his on the block come December 15.

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Dames getin momst card tonighy litt

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Huge respect for Tyson that he left a chance to chasing a ring with Dubs.
Great guy.

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Especially on a 1 year deal, Ariza will be wanted by many teams come Dec. 15.


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