Game night 2/12/2018


Lakers betta win and we need dame tomorrow

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How bout them clippers tho

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They will loose against my Mavs!
Should be a good game though

Lakers getting cooked through the first quarter.

Beasley finally getting some run with LAL. Glad to see him in before Lance.

Edit: And Lakers actually ran a horns set with Bron on the bench and BI running PG.

Booker hurt again.

Really need Clippers to lose so Nuggs can slide on into first in the west

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Clippers playing really well recently.

I really miss Gallo. When he’s healthy he’s such a weapon

Sixers are really playing well man. Especially considering they have like no bench and no power forwards, maaan if they can pick a player or two up they’re gonna be dangerous

The west is crazy right now. Dallas is 8th and Utah is 14th. Literally as of right now every team besides the Suns has a chance of cracking the playoffs. Still early though

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Lakers doing good, many thought they will struggle hard, Lebron at his age is still AMAZING

Its weird seeing no team in the west above 0.700 %

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