Game mode without position locks

I know position locks help the game be more realistic but at this point in the game it would be cool if there was a game mode that took away position locks. I wanna play PG13 at the 2 lol.

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If you take away position locks KD becomes my starting 2.


There is a diamond pg you can run at the 2


If you take away position locks everyone would have allstar greek freek at point.

Is that what u want so that Paul George can play the 2?


The game mode your looking for is called NBA 2k19 haha


Position lock makes MT more fun


100%. Building the team that works is the best part. I like setting overall caps then making teams from there. Or have themed 5 man units.

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I’m not saying replace what’s there. I’m saying add in a different game mode. It’s not unheard of to have different online games to play. We just get the bare bones. Shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more.

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I honestly don’t get why people want to play without Postion Locks so badly.


:cheese: :cheese: :cheese:


I agree. Seems hypocritical because one of the unanimous outcries in the last two installments of this game was to implement position locks.

Sounded good at first to some, but then they soon realized the implications.

I’m enjoying position lock greatly.


Half of y’all didn’t read what I actually said. I like the position locks but I also like to spice it up.

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I did, I just decided to direct my response to something that Pop said.

Or, “Beggin4death”.

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Guy wants the whole damn cake jesus

Bruh we aren’t eating cake we’re eating shit. I just want a cake.

And putting a mode in where you can cheese is gunna make it all better? U can literally fire up 2k19 for the exact same game lol

Why so bitter?

Not bitter. Just replying lol

You don’t have to go on my hypothetical game mode hahaha

You have to remember you want to play Paul George at the 2 cause he would be a big strong SG but If you remove position locks your gonna get Giannis at the 1 n David Robinson at the 2 then playing Paul George at the 2 won’t seem so fun anymore.