Game difficulty for badge?

Does game difficulty help badge progression? Example : playing on pro vs Hall of fame?

No , it’s the same so use pro

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Thank you!

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Are you sure?

I haven’t grinded badges using mycareer since the first month but from what I recall HOF gives more & it depends on your capability of beating cpu on HOF for w/e badge you’re grinding.

Anyway park is great for grinding badges IMO

I think they patch that , now it’s the same ! Just it’s more fast for my attribute points , ye now I grind in the park … but at the beginning I was not good enough ahah

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Playing on Pro is just too damn boring for me. I’ve been playing on HOF and the games have been decent, I was hoping there was a boost for the badges.

YOU DEF get more badges on HOF bro

If you grinding for playmaking or defensive badges on pro you are doing it all wrong man


I use hof on everything except shooting until I unlock the proper QuickDraw and gold green machine

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Why green machine?

Helps me green more with bar off lol maybe it’s a mind thing but that and range is the first thing I go for after I get QuickDraw

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Flexible release? Any good? I took it off and now I’m bricking everything online smh

nah bro flexible release is prob the worst badge other then steady

i go

Green Machine
QD depends on height on my 6’9 and below i go silver above gold or hof
certain builds i use deadeye
if i have a extra badges ill use just one on catch and shoot

I have 6’5 offensive threat
My 3pt is high 80s but I’m clanking like crazy. .
My current badges;

HoF Catch & shoot
Gold quick draw
Gold range extender
Bronze Hot zone

My career or anything offline I cash out. Makes no sense. Input lag? But surely there must be a solution.

What jumpshot are you using?

Base 98 or base 38 both with Kobe releases for 1 & 2.

Ive tried those bases with Lavine jumpshot release too. Bricky City when online. Offline I’m a green maestro

I’m sure on higher difficulty it gives you more XP