Game day 01/12

Game day 01/12

Had to make a topic because of my man Jordan Clarkson.
22 FGA in 34 minutes played.

Spurs @ Toronto about to start, Demar’s second return.
Siakam and Powell back in the lineup, FVV and Gasol are still out.

Damn what an ending at MSG. Bam hits a 3 but too late

yea just finished watching this is a rough L for miami

Ofc he hit that shot. Thank god there was no time left

I absolutely detest Forbes, that’s all.

I’m throwing in the towel, boys.
Spurs organization is hopeless until Pop retires and that’s the sad truth. No trades or gameplans will help that.

I just read that Bam said he was cut from World Cup squad because Pop told him he wasn’t ready.
Brook and Plumlee were apparently better choices.

Man oh man, Demar caught a BODY


He’s turning up rn, Forbes & Patty selling hard



Are you seeing tbis shit? Belinelli?
Murray or Lonnie get benched for every single mistake and these useless old turds can do whatever they want and still play their minutes.
Rudy is washed. That contract is looking ugly right now.

Yes I saw belinelli on the floor and immediately shook my head. If Rudy can shoot anything close to last year it’s not bad. Funny thing is he lost weight, Father Time is undefeated

His shot is still there, but if we talk 2k he lost like 30 lateral and 20 speed.

That dunk was nasty though don’t lie lol

Yeah, just as I posted that he’s washed lmao.

You need a W on the road and you’re closing out with Patty and Marco.

San Antonio Crips to the rescue. Please Pop bench^^ both those guys rn😭

It’s just unbelievable how bad the Raptors have been in the 4th.
If Spurs win, it will be the definition of a fool’s gold win.

God fucking dammnit fuck you Pop from the bottom of my fucking heart and soul.
Fuck both you and Belinelli. And Mills and Forbes for fucks sake.

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Uncle Drew is back with his swagger on full attack!

That’s it.
I finally understand Kawhi.
Franchise held hostage by a demented old man who has a fetish for his pets.
Same fucking shit for 5 years now.

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