Game Crashing Xbox

Have any of you guys experienced this? I was playing TT just fine I’m trying to jump to the challenges and game keeps crashing when I start the game

“clear cache”

Happe to me few time tryin play last game fantasy dom eventually it work

Tried that and still nothing.

Man I’m losing MT on contracts that sucks

idk maybe reinstall

  • “Did you try restarting your xbox?

  • “Did you try clearing your cache?”

  • “Did you try unistalling then reinstalling the game?”

  • “Did you try breaking your disk in half then gluing it back together?”

Just saving you an email. Those are the classic 2k support answers


Happend to me 5 Times before last current Domination game.
So annoying.

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I’ve had it happen to me several times, but it’s always after I’ve left the game and come back to it later. I now start up a different game altogether (effectively closing 2K), and then restart 2K from scratch.

Happened to me in one of the schedule challenge games. Clear cache don’t work, re-install of the game didn’t even work. I have wasted I don’t even know how many contracts over the last week trying to play this game. Eventually 2k support told me to stop trying while they try to figure this out. All I got for compensation for the lost contracts, time and bandwidth for re-install of the game, was 10k vc. And I had to ask for it :man_facepalming: