Game Crashes


Anybody on here have an issue with the game crashing trying to play online & offline games TTO works fine but any challenges, MTU, and domination games it crashes. It only happens with the lineup below. I’ve tried creating a new lineup with the same players but it still doesn’t work. I’ve hard booted my Xbox, uninstalled and reinstalled the game not sure what the issue is.


Don’t play with all 13 guys having diamond shoes.

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Imagine having a card that costs 1.5 mill as the 12th man


try playing without cj


Is that a thing? Ive played hundreds of games with 13 players with diamond shoes and no issues

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I’ve heard its because of CJ


This happened last year when everyone on the squad had on a shoe


I’ve been playing with 13 diamond shoes since November and never had that issue


i’ve heard CJ crashes your squad, don’t use him quite yet & let 2k fix the issue


Its CJ. Someone else confirmed it. But I’m wondering if its him AND another player. I’ve faced off against GO CJ so yeah…


Yes all my guys have diamond shoes.


I will try it without CJ. Thanks


I’ve heard if you have 6 or more opals + 13 diamond shoes it crashes.


I can confirm that’s not true. I got 8 opals and all diamond shoes and I’m good

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good to know. I don’t think it’s specifically mccollum though because I think @Shamslol was having his game crash even before that card was released

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try putting isaac bonga as your 13th guy

ever since i did that my game doesn’t crash