Game Crashes When Starting An Unlimited Game (PS5)

My other post got lost in the other Unlimited complaints thread, but has anyone else had this happen to them recently?

Whenever I find a match for Unlimited on PS5, 2K just hard crashes and I end up getting a loss. I even tried deleting and re-installing the game to no avail. Has anyone found a solution issue, cuz I really want to get my Unlimited run going and I really don’t want to completely reset my console as a last ditch effort?

Have you got lots of agendas pinned? Not sure if that’s still a problem thing.

Or long shot but past games have had issues with all 13 players having diamond shoes?

Hmmm neither one of those cuz I got no agendas pinned rn and all but JKidd has a shoe rn, so those don’t seem to be the issue

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What’s is happening on my 10th game ? I’m stuck on the search ball ,
On unlimited this is annoying the last run I got stuck on 70%