Game crashes to the error blue screen when CJ is in lineup

I isolated the problem and its my GO CJ McCollum card. Whenever hes in my 13 man lineup i cannot progress into a game. It crashes after i select the lineup i want ro use. Then it goes to that blue screen where it says CE384r blah blah and asks if you want to report the problem etc. We all know that screen. It works fine in TTO but the entry into the game is different with this game mode. Any schedule challenges, moments challenges or MTU will crash.

Anyone know whats up?

I pulled this CJ and badged him up, put a shoe and infinite contract on him and now i cant get in any games except the aforementioned TT offline or online.

(Just played a TTO game with CJ and this card is fucking NASTY. God damn.)

It’s the goddamn EQ


Try clearing cache and restart console

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Ok how does one do that? And will it screw up anything?

Maybe this is foreshadowing him getting ‘shut down’ by Klay Thompson


I had that error last year. The most usual reason is a corrupt part in your HDD. Try deleting and re-installing the game and if the problem still occurs, try to install it on an external USB drive.

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Go to settings and system storage and clear local saved games and no it won’t do anything my game kept freezing when I enter a game and it work for me

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Same thing started happening around this time last year when people started putting 5 or more 99 pd’s in they’re lineup, how many go’s you running op?

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6 Gos in my lineup

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Which file do i delete to clear cache? I know if i delete MyTeam it ruins my custom court and jerseys. Is it DataForMyTeam0000?

All your 13 cards are shoed?

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No don’t delete anything just clear local game saved and it will reboot your console

I appreciate the suggestion but im not uninstalling unless its a last resort. Im not losing my jersey and court. Or do those stay unaffected? I have no idea about this stuff.

Yes all 13 are shoed and have infinite contracts

You can upload your MyTeam files online (or save it on a stick). It’s not really risky.

Theres nothing about clear local saved games in the storage tab. (Ps4)

CJ breaking the game more than 99 Steph in 2K16


Sorry Xbox user but I can looked it up to keep helping you out

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Use your 13th spot for a Bronce card, or a non-shoed one. Problem solved.

Try it, seriously.

I’ll accept donations :rofl:


yeah I have seen this come up a few times now. Unfortunately 2k’s game is broken so you cant run a full 13 man lineup with 6 or more opals. You have to use a bronze card in the 13th spot or the game will crash.

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