GAME 12 for Dr. J and Zeke Stream!


I’ll be watching. I still need to see more video as to what all the Ralph Sampson hype is about.

In a joking manner

This is a disgrace! Where the hell is Ralph!?

Lol nvm, just saw him

Lmao I feel you bro

Lol I’ll watch. Not really for the cringeworthy lineup, but just to see how Ralph plays because I am considering buying him.

Looking forward to the stream.

Hoping i dont match up against something like this lol.

Lol guys this may not be the best showcase of Ralph lol I won’t be playig thru him much I’ll try tho. Hopefully stream doesn’t lag.

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I hop now of us do bro

I mean if they run a small 3 ur not gunna post every possession ? :p. Maybe a hundo ? Lol jk. I doubt we will see a havlicek at 3 EVER lol

Lol even if Giannis is at the 3 I will post up same with vs magic , Pippen

None of them can Guard Blake,Gasol,Ralph, or Timmy down low

Im about to by a ralph tonight. He will be fine at 4 ya??? Would u rather run gasol or sampson ?

How is Ralph’s release? I saw he has a 78 open 3

Stream starting in 2 minutes

WARNING: What you are about to witness is very cheesy and cringe. Parental Discretion is advised!


Just like wilts. It’s normal speed and easy to green brother

Yikes I’m noticing lag already lmao

Green bean sampson


i hate when players stop running the lane when you try to alley oop