Galaxy Opal Tournament (March Madness)


Here’s the link to vote

None of these seems appealing. Yikes.

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Toppin needs to win this


Think the best bet is an Opal Andre Drummond or Obi

What is this? these dudes going to play 2k against each other? 50 years old ewing ?!

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Culver could also be nice if they give him the PG/SF treatment like last year

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Is there any indication when the tournament will end? I assume either Friday, or the end of March Madness?

Lmmfao. Nah. Community votes on each matchup. Most votes moves on.

ah lol xD

Should of put grant hill in this🤦🏻🤦🏻. He would of been the runaway winner.

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Where is Lonzo?

Oden could be nice but with d rob I don’t see the point. Obi could be glitchy as well

Culver and Toppin would have the best cards, but since there’s shitload of great sgs and pfs I actually want a useable Ewing for my '92 Dream Team lineup.


Give me Oden or give me death!

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Yep actually the Dream Team is further along than it has been in past year by this point.

FWIW that amethyst Laettner card is hot garbage

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Yep, he’s just there to seat at the end of the bench and never play. Just like he did in Barcelona :rofl:


It’s literally one of the worst cards I’ve ever used, I wanted to punch my own face trying to score points with him for XP


There’s at least one worse - I scored 70 points for xp with Mark Eaton yesterday and it was BRUTAL. Leattner at least can shoot a middy or a 3 a little bit.

Culver has tmac base and is a 6’6 point guard

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