Galaxy Opal Shaq

Just noticed this today. Is this new? Another token reward maybe?

Anniversary Series 3 Reward

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Ah nice! Watch them give him a 3 ball. LOL


Shaq will get his three ball.
And if he can speed boost it’s a GG

Shaq at Point Guard for Sure in ASIA wtf

Shaq will NOT have a 3 ball. .wont be over 50. Book. It. .willing to bet on it :slight_smile:

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That would suck tho, i have a feeling he will, bill russel has a 40ish 3

Bill has an 80 something three?

Does he not

Nvm he doesn’t I must be high or something

Last year he did, a 45 this cycle. But shaq will surely speed boost lol

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how can you be so sure when shitty ass oden got a 50k pd this early in the cycle with a 80 3 ball despite hitting zero threes

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I’ll bet you its over 50 whaddya say :joy:

He never lost a home game until he went to the nba too

95 open shot 3 and can speed boost

I’ll learn to play soccer and go to fifa if thats the case


Bro its shaq

Oden was juiced because its a what if card. Came out during march madness

Shaq has NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF 2K HAD A 3 BALL. What makes people.think all of a sudden 2k gunna give this man a servicable 3


U on xbox ? Ill bet 100k

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Shaq will have 80 three imagine thinking he wont

You got yourself a deal.
Edit: yea im xbox

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