Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan for BIN on livestream this week! PS4

Hey guys, now that I won #4 limited Michael Jordan, I will put my fully badged, regular signature, diamond contract, Jordan XIIs, GO MJ for Buy it now 100K or 50K.

I need subscribers on my youtube channel so I will notify the live stream to my subscribers. It would be awesome if you spread the word please! My channel is Shirogohan_5. Also @Shirogohan_5 on twitter. Updates for the exact date and time will be tweeted and notifications when the stream is starting sent directly to my subscribers.

I don’t post a lot of videos, but I will be starting posting a lot of content soon, including more million+ cards for BIN prices.

I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this here.


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My bad. PS4.

u got a time frame?

i’ve subscribed and followed on twitter. need some new content for me two watch

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Yes. I’ll do the 1st BIN this same week. And also a gameplay video with the new limited MJ.

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I’m Xbox, but that’s awesome of you. I’ll watch the stream if I’m around at the time.


The true people’s Champ

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Hopefully some budget baller who’s good at the game gets it.

But it will be one of the usual suspects who’s already sitting on millions of MT.

Done it :wink:

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Thank you, brother!

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Awesome thing you’re doing! Interested in seeing how much better the Limited MJ is compared to the “normal” GO. He’s been great for me.

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What u mean bro

You didn’t understand the man ?

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Of course I did. Just being sarcastic. I also promise I won’t try to get the BIN Jordan.


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Lol I’m just playing with you bro , your entitled to do whatever you want

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