Galaxy Opal Jordan & Pippen ✨ - "The Last Dance"

Galaxy Opal Jordan & Pippen :sparkles: - "The Last Dance"

I’ve been off of 2K20 for a while, but i got the itch to come back and play it again thanks to @Kobe6Rings and The Last Dance. Surprisingly, its been much more fun than i expected it to be. Those of you who know me know that my favorite players are Jordan and Pippen, so i had to give this duo one last run.

Pippen has been a MONSTER for me in Unlimited. I use him at PG and play almost 100% 90s basketball. That means attacking the rim, elbow post ups, isolation plays, and fastbreak dunks from turnovers. I’m not really concerned with the meta, im just trying to play my game and have fun.

defense…Defense…DEFENSE. When MJ and Pip are on the floor together, they just cause chaos on the defensive end. Blocks, steals, bumps, cuttoffs…and when they force a turnover at least one of them is already down court on the break to finish. Classic MJ & Pip…i love it! Currently watching The Last Dance for the 4th time as i type this lol

Throughout the video, im running the Warriors playbook. As you can see they have a GOOD amount of guard post plays with screens for 3’s going on in the background. It’s perfect for how i like to play. When my opponent offballs i go to work in the post with MJ. If they guard me in the post or offball on the wrong player, i can hit the 3pt shooter coming off the screen. It’s beautiful basketball. Props to @KingTyThe2nd for making a thread about this and putting me on to the playbook.

It’s brought back the “fun” for me in 2K20. Hopefully this can last for some time. All i need now is Opal Kawhi and Opal PG13 and my team will pretty much be complete. It feels good to be back to My Team!


Time to grab the popcorn and watch this masterpiece!!


please do an opal Giannis gameplay next

Pippen brought you back!


Your videos always bring me joy. I’ll definitely be checking this beauty out tonight!

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If Kawhi comes out tomorrow i’ll be really happy.

Pippen - Jordan - Kawhi wooooooo


I was hoping this would happen. Welcome back Earv! :sunglasses:

This is insane. Dope vid bro. Pippen and MJ together is beautiful. :sob:

I’m hoping for Kawhi tomorrow as well. :pray:

:astonished: the goat used my scheme. Great video like always.


That playbook is beautiful bro. You can really see Steve Kerr’s implementation of some of the triangle offense into the Warriors offense. Entry pass into the post and then the cut by the PG to the rim or the double screen at the top of the key after the post entry pass.

2K did a good job with that playbook update. It’s a big reason why i’m having fun on the game right now. Just working on executing the offense to perfection and making the right reads vs different opponents. That PnR/peekaboo spam got too repetitive for me very quickly


I just started and haven’t geeked out the playbooks yet. Is the Warriors the perfect playbook for my Triangle freelance to be integrated with?

The kings one is good too with the formations but the bigs are not that involved too much.

Yeah Warriors is good for post scoring and post playmaking. A lot of times i use Jordan in the post as a decoy and then hit the 3pt shooter coming around the offball screen on the other side of the court.

They also have a lot of good PnR plays that give you better spacing than a regular PnR. Guard to Guard picks are the best because the paint is usually wide open to attack…since the big is somewhere along the 3pt line

uhoh. earv game play. by the way a bunch of random questions. I’m guessing you’re using the eveything99 mj right? seems u had the Jordan 6 on at one point and a white shoe in other clips.


Gonna try that post up play

That Pippen defense is on another damn level, those chase down blocks were ridiculous.


i’m testing out the warriors book tonight and tomorrow. so far so good. thanks man

Quick 21, Quick 2 STS Veer, Punch 3 Hammer, Quick 32 Horns - these look good. @EarvGotti what else are u liking?


I have Mutombo, Wilt, Giannis and Evo Porzingis and Pippen STILL might be the best shot blocker on my team. Dude gets snatch blocks on centers.


Fist 21 Delay and ISO 12 High are two of my favs


are any of these the double screen play? been getting killed by these recently

Yeah i have the 6’s on him now but i had the flu games on him earlier

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