Galaxy Opal JAMES HARDEN Gameplay

I grinded it out and here it is:



Holy shit lolol

How Sway?


looks like a decent card, but

  1. how did u grind 30 games in like 2 days lmao
  2. his jumper looks sort of slow in video. does it feel like this in game?
  3. what card would you say he is most similar to? im trying to decide if i go all the way or just get siakam
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Not 30 games. 30 teams and 5 games each so that’s 150 games


Is he worth the grind?

Looks like a beast. Cant wait til I get him

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He seems like an offensive juggernaut as expected. His catch&shoot jumper indeed seems more on the slow side. Moving shot looks better. Maybe viable at the 2 in MTU if you hide him at the 2 and play a big PG.

For me personally I would have liked to see how he did on D in direct matchups 1:1 lol.

should tell everyone you’re number 1 or denverstruck will say he is. congrats on the grind tho!


Takes some dedication to grind 12 hours a day on this since the moment it came out



  1. It took me a little under 70 hours in total, I took a few naps in between and I did it
  2. His jumper is slower than most of the good cards (TMac, Roy, Worthy…)
  3. I would compare him to maybe Brandon Roy (but can also play PG)
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I am still not fully decided, will inform you after a day or so

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Respect @ProBallers :facepunch: thats one hell of a grind.


Thanks man

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Quick question:
How bad do you want to see Ingram gameplay?
Should I do it now, or do I go to sleep and do it after I wake up? (Could me more than 16 hours till then)

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why y’all so hyped about this card? i was planning on getting him and was close to 1/4 of the way done and then i saw this gameplay… looks like he’s terrible in my opinion

He’s good for a free card, we couldn’t expect 2k to give us some crazy good card for free

Thanks a lot man!

Go to sleep man, you already uploaded the most important video. Impressive grind btw.


If you make a living playing 2k…of course.

If not, lol helllll no

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