Galaxy Opal JAMAL CRAWFORD Gameplay

Jamal Gameplay


How do you rate him?

Release looks kinda funky and lots of layups. Thanks for the info. Hard pass.

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It’s just an impression from the game that I play. I know it’s not the most accurate, but I’m having fun when rating players :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure he has Ray Allen release.

I suck with that release.

I appeciate your videos shortly after content drop and its great to have a quick look for new cards here at 2KGamer.

If your are doing it for fun and for 2KGamer its all good. But if you are doing it as a YT and wanna grow you giving away so much potential.

I’m bad with naming releases, but I actually liked the release
Can’t confirm if it’s Ray Allens tho

I’m doing it to try and grow my channel. I post here, cause it’s a great way of promotion. I don’t know how else to promote my videos - if you have any ideas, pls let me know

I can’t tell either until I check the rosters. Then I’ll get like Ray Allen and Crawford and watch their shots side by side to confirm.

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It’s a cool card…they gave him usable defense. Thanks for the review.

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So you’re no good with pistol or Kawhi?

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Kawhi yes. Pistol no.

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It’s not ray’s shot. It’s base 51 from 2k17 that Dominique and Clyde had, and the actual release isn’t rays either. It is similar though

Looks a lot more like Tmac and Broys release than Rays release to me. I just saw it in DBG’s gameplay

funny im the other way

What is his price on PS4?