Galaxy opal chris paul gameplay

Hey yall. Im sure some of yall are humming and hahhing about locking in for cp3. Ive attached some gameplay that i had with @Awanz. We had a decently close game. Awanz won by 6 pts i believe. End of the day yes cp3 is small but he plays his role at the one really well. Disruptive on d. Makes his open shots. Makes moving shots with ease i tried him at the 2 a bit to offset the magic mismatch. If u face anyone with a small.ball pg itll be gg. A big pg itll be a tough game. But winnable. Not a lot of players out there that are much better than @awanz.

Here is the link !

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Gg man, he’s a great PG. if he gets any open space, he’ll knock down the shot. Especially those moving mid range shots!

Also, I’m playing OG soon in game 3! I’m streaming on that same channel he linked above.

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By March, you’ll remove him from your lineup :trumpet:

There was a limitless range shot near the end of the game that woulda swung the game like crazy. I missed. If he made it i woulda spammed this forum until everyone locked in lol

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Lmao he also just looks like such a cool card to have in your lineup.


Thats a good 3 months of game play. Not bad. I loved his card last year too. In general i think ill always have him in my lineup. Even as a 2 off ball. He can defend klay no problem

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His card has that sex appeal ya know ?

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I’m a fan of the small PGs… but DAMMIT I love hitting Magic in the post and taking them to town if there’s no adjustment. Can’t wait to come across this card!

I think the thing is to have a big 2 on the floor to switch the match up. I was kinda dumb and didnt think about it until too late. I shoulda ran George at 2 and had him match up against magic everytime.

I’m thinking about running him at the 2 with magic at pg. Thoughts?

its probably even tougher to play magic in the post on play with friends tbh

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Yes and no? I think shots fall a bit easier

I just mean its easier to bully in play with friends

Only downside is no dimer on ur bench. But it works. Or run a big 2 like George and switch the match ups

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Yeah I have george & kd. Also still have Oscar but Ima see. Cp3 looks godly

Imma run a game of mtu and see how it goes. Play now with friends and mtu very different


Cmon man

Did u watch the gameplay ? He nasty