Galaxy opal blake griffin will be better than opal Giannis

just realized were still getting a galaxy opal blake griffin and with how OP they made his pink diamond, his opal card might be able to play 1 -4

Giannis is gonna be the most all around card in the game could probably run 1-5

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blake is going to have 80 or more speed with ball and probably 80 ball control with 92+ 3 ball and 95+ rebounding block and strength. go look at this PD there isn’t too much they can improve on they made his PD too good.

Giannis with a jumpshot will always be the most dominant card you could possibly have


Giannis’s arm will be a foot longer than blakes lol

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I want whatever you’re smoking OP

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this is his PD. Either they will make his opal card not that much of an upgrade, or they will and they don’t have that much to improve one.

Speed boostin blake

If you really think GO blake will be better than GO giannis you have a lot to learn about my team


Lmao all 99 Giannis is a gg fuck you talkin about?

I’m mainly talking about stat wise. giannis will probably play better but i wouldn’t be surprised if opal blake wont be close or better than giannis

Giannis with his size speed, and mythical added 3 point shooting is the true unicorn

We talkin the end game collection reward Giannis or the 2k anniversary one? Cause the first cant get any better

the collection reward one, which is going to be really rare.

Opal blake will def have 81 bc

Blake would never get the wingspan Giannis has. EZ choice

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Bro, the collection reward is 99 everywhere except 3’s where he is 95

How can Griffin be better? Giannis will be taller, faster, and obviously have better stats and badges. GO Giannis is already the best card in the game, and good luck to find someone better. Even Magic won’t be as dominant

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The only card thats better then PD Giannis is GO Giannis :smile:

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PD we don’t know, maybe Magic or Lebron will be better

But that GO Giannis will be literally unstoppable.

And you know what’s funny? His most scary attribute is his lowest. 95 for 3’s for a Giannis? How can you defend that?

Even 80 3 ball on PD Giannis will make him have 89-90 with shoe/coach boost.

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