Future OP cards idea: Limited Evos

This recent release got me thinking of the direction of the card releases, with OP shooters that have no business with clamps, similarly lock down centres with a 3 ball.

Going forward I would like to see limited numbered releases of the same version of a card, but with an Evo to boost their weakness. That way they could keep realism in the cards with less of a crazy power creep, yet still make people want to chase the cards and rip packs to go for the limited versions.

ie: When Opal Shaq comes round, make him realistic-ish and dominant down low, rebounding, athleticism… but then have a limited 100 cards where you evo him to give him +30 in free throw and 3pt. Make it harder to Evo then yesterday’s, so it takes a while and holds significant value.

I think this sort of thing would leave only whales and people who built their team well having a really OP unrealistic team.