Future of 2K18

Since 2K18 seems to have been prolonged until December, I have faith that I will continue to play a blend of friendlies and some offline Schedule challenges (when I want a fix of video game basketball). Hell, I may even play SM if I have competitive fervor, but I doubt it.

Here is my friendlies lineup (shown below), and every player except CP3 has a diamond shoe.

Here is my challenges / SM lineup (shown below), and every player has diamond shoes and contracts.

I have around 150K - 200K MT (once some players sell), and would love suggestions of who to add to my Challenges lineup (note, the players must have diamond contracts and shoes).

Thanks for your advice and criticism!

Wilt, dude is amazing, i love him running the floor like gazelle and blocking shit out of people.

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I’d grab a better C, Kareem feels outdated and I have no problems dunking on his head every time I face him

He’s locked in, and has a shoe giving him 99 Speed, LQ, and 97 Acceleration. He plays amazingly for me and averages 8-8 on 74% from the field. His Post-Spin is so deadly too — favorite center right now.

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KAT at 4 move Durant to 2

Towns is wonderful with the grey Kobe

Add me @hoosiertailgate

We haven’t played, and I’m on my friendly grind. Our only duplicates are PG . You turned your back on Webber and west lol

I would give PD Webber a try. Try to buy one with Grey Kobes. You have the Diamond so you know what I am talking about.
I would also switch up your lineup a little and move either PG or KD to your bench since you have no one with 3point plays on your bench.

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PD Webber is truly D Webber on PEDS.

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Replace heat Bron with sapphire Steve Mix and you’re set.


Agreed I always have at least one guy with plays

Eddie Jones (grey Kobe) is freaking awesome also

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Yes, he is a personal favorite of mine too. I have him with Curry lows. Great card and I really liked him as a player irl.

I dno man. Ppl been sleeping on Kareem all year… But this card still balls the fuck out for me! The combo between his post spin and drop step is what keeps him in my lineup. Not to mention his huge blocks and shot contest. Big dude.


Mine has Red Kyrie’s, and I’m not the biggest fan of him tbh.

West sees time here and there, Westbrook is just too much. I’ll probably replace CP3 with West again.

Yea, I love my D Webber since he has the Grey Kobe’s – I’ll look into him for sure!

Oh, and i reactivated my Stockalone duo (Malone with grey Kobes). I really love that duo. Since you are good with West you definitely know how to use Stockton too.

Sadly West and Stockton don’t compare

I bought the two of them last week, and hated Malone. Stockton was absolutely awesome – it’s just that Karl was way too soft on defense for some reason.

West is honestly the third best 6’3" or shorter guard in the game (only behind 99 Russ and 99 Curry).

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If my West had a diamond contract, I’d start him in my Challenges lineup for sure.