Future myteam ideas?

I like the evo cards a lot but I think it would be even cooler if you could’ve pulled any version of the evo cards in packs, for example say they dropped a evo that’s an amy that goes up to pink diamond it would be cool to pull the pink diamond or diamond version in packs instead of having to evo for the lazy people like me lmaoo just an idea, drop some ideas of your own

That would be an insult to everyone like myself who wasted time grinding out the evos


I wish they made it challenging but rewarding at the same time with different requirements.

Say to get evo Iggy from Diamond to PD you gotta get a triple double on MTU. It’s difficult but doable.


I like the idea but it wouldnt be that hard if you match up with a buddy


Yea that’s true

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Crazy to me that 2K hasn’t realised they could just fire Ronnie and keep producing shit and we’d be stoked 5 years from now that Ronnie isn’t in charge.

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Well say for example right I would definitely like the diamond Noah but I’m not paying 100k or grinding that out because I feel like 2k made it a little too hard for some cards even tho most grinders don’t feel that way because of the profit you guys are making but the ones who don’t know the same methods as y’all would have a hard time and think evo are stupid

Yes exactly like the rebounds for iggy i definitely want his pink diamond but him grabbing boards is almost impossible Except for forcing missed shots and hoping he grabs the re


Do what I’m doing for Iggy rebounds.

TTO offline. Iggy (has to be the tallest,) Jrue, & any low tier player you want w clamps (Pat Beverley). I offball w Iguodala and get anywhere from 4-10 rebounds a game. Its slow, but I’m knocking out Jrue Evo & wins towards Dominique at the same time.


They should take Evos out and give out regular offline content like offline challenges and like this day in history challenges , to replicate the greatest games in the career of a player , the reward could be a ruby , Amy or diamond version of that player.

Evos let’s be honest are a complete waste of time and the players that can be evo’d have other glaring weaknesses which get exposed online. Also, no evo will be on any end game squad.


They just need to copy another games ultimate team mode format. Mode is so stale

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Remove Moments cards and have HC cards represent what moments cards use to do. Then bring in team of the week… So literally copy FUT because I’m excited every Thursday for new content and free packs.


Gonna try it out right now

I’m not sure… X Man will be in a lot of end game lineups, according to a ton of posts from two months ago. :joy:


Still in my lineup tho :ok_hand:

Wouldn’t call them free considering the amount of time you have to put into it. Still better than 2K rewards by all means. Just know that if everyone get’s more MT/packs prices will adjust accordingly. Like we complain when Ben is 400k but on FIFA he’d be 2 mil.

As Shao Kahn says “Don’t make me laugh!”

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PD Beasley create card dream

Definitely more challenges similar to the spotlights except you don’t have to spent a ton of coins to complete them. Actually make the reward card free, not free after you sell back the entire set

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Evolution cards were fun at first, but now I am sick of playing the same way over and over.

Would like to see all cards ability to listed on auction house.

Ability to select each player individually if you want shot meter off or on.